It’s not really hard to use wordpress. Not to mention I thought myself how to use wordpress and had no idea what to post in it.

1. How to make a post –

2. Inserting photo – All you have to do is click the ‘Add Media’  then click ‘upload files’ and ‘Insert Photo’. That’s it. But If you want it like this :


All you need to do is click the ‘Create Gallery’ . If you want to change the size (which I don’t usually do), you can change it on the side. ~>

Am I even explaining it right? I’m so sorry but I’m not good at this. Hahaha

3. Inserting Video – To make it easier, Let’s do it this way. Copy the embed thingy of the video you’re going to post then paste it in HTML (Text) and that’s it

4.  ase

Just click each one of it and you’ll know what is it. Hahaha, Sorry. I don’t think I should explain each one of it.

5. Please don’t forget to put categories on each post. ——————————————————————————————————->

(You’ll understand what’s ‘ –>’ is for when you’re already making a post ^^

6. Don’t forget to credit the owner. You’ll put in the end of the post

7. Just ask me anything if you want to know more, I think this is enough for now.

Oh btw, You’re gonna post stuff relating to Bom. New news, video, photos of her and 2NE1. Please check our site first if you’re going to post something, incase we already posted it! ^^


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