[ANNOUNCEMENT] OhBom and BomisLove is Need of More Staff!

We’re making OhBom/Bomislove a better and more organize fanclub! And to make that happen, OhBom/Bomislove is in search for new members to join our family!

Do you have the interest to spread the love of our 8-D Spring Goddess?

Willing to spare time to do fan club-related activities?

Have the commitment to sacrifice a significant amount of effort to offer voluntary help for the fan club?

and most of all;

 If so, fill up the form below and send in your applications to ohbomislove@hotmail.com now!

Below are the requirements for the hiring of staff members. Do note that we will be giving you a task to see if you make the cut after we have received your application.

Blogger (2)

  • Knows how to navigate WordPress.
  • Must Update the Blog Daily
  • Goes online regularly for at least 3-4hours a day and is available when needed.
  • Willing to spare time of Uploading tons of photos
  • Can make Screencaps

Blog Designer (2)

  • Knows how to navigate WordPress.
  • Goes online regular and available when needed.
  • Experience is preferred
  • Active and able to meet deadlines
  • Submit 2/3 sample works

Translator (2)

  • Must be fluent in Chinese/Korean/Japanese without consulting online translating services like Google Translate or Bing Translator. Must be fluent in English as well.
  • Goes online regularly for at least 3-4hours a day and is available when needed.
  • Must be initiative to work on your own to translate updates and news.

Project Team (20)

  • A hardcore fan of 2NE1 and Park Bom
  • Available when needed. (If we need you asap, make sure that we can contact you easily)
  • Must be at least 16 years old and above.
  • Must possess traits: Trustworthy, dedicated, artistic, great packaging skills, as well as money management.
  • Microsoft Excel program – To track expenses, donations, and etc.
  • Must have Paypal & Credit cards


E-mail the following to ohbomislove@hotmail.com 

Subject: [APPLICATION] (Position applying for)                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Example:  [APPLICATION] Blogger



Country & Timezone:

How often do you go online?

Experience/s: (Are you part of other fansites as well?)

Active SNS / instant messenger accounts:

NOTE:  For Graphic Designer, SAMPLE WORKS are required. Attach your sample works in the email. And For Translator, Please tell us ‘how fluent are you in Korean/Chinese/Japanese’

For more inquiries, Simply mention us on Twitter, @Oh_Bom


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