Me2day: “Who’s member’s mom went there to cook delicious food?”


The ones on the right are the list of food which she left then she said “Dara-ya,CL,Minji-ya eat well.



숙소에 온 다라가 발견한 쪽지와 음식들!!! 감동의 도가니탕.. 그런데.. 과연, 어떤 멤버의 어머님이 우렁각시처럼 맛있는 음식들을 해놓고 가셨을까요? 미친여러분들~ 맞춰보세요! ^0^

Dara came into their apartment and found food with a note. It was touching but… Who’s member’s mom went there to cook delicious food? Me2 friends, take a guess ^0^

Source: ygonair/me2day

Translated by: Cathy@WeLoveBom

A/N: A lot of Blackjacks are guessing that Bom’s mom was the one who brought the food since Bom wasn’t mentioned in the note.


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