News: 2NE1’s Park Bom Gains Interest Due to her “Doll-Like” Legs


Recently girlgroup 2NE1′s Park Bom has gained lots of attention due to her ”luxury legs” which have been the talk of town.

On an online community bulletin board, several pictures we’re published of Bom titled ”Pretty stunning legs’‘ in Park Bom‘s tag and it instantly became a huge issue as Bom’s legs impressed many, not only once but a gazzilion times.

Be it a picture of her going somewhere fully dressed, or be it an appearance on a award show or during a performance or even in a music video, Park Bom stunned many with her now dubbed as ”doll-like” legs. Usually Bom wears micro mini-dresses where you could see her stunning long legs but even if she wears jeans her legs are to die for.

Netizens who saw these photos commented with ”Bom’s legs are like ”real-art””  ”She has stunning legs, be it in heels or sneakers, her leg line is impressive” ”I’m jealous” ”Park Bom-sshi, please reveal your secret” ”She has such a nice body, so stunning” and more showing a variety of reactions and netizens who envy her legs.

Meanwhile 2NE1 completed their New Evolution Tour on the 1st of December and recently released the ”New Evolution Tour 2012 In Seoul” live CD.

Source : Nate

Translated By: Yasmine@WeLoveBom


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