News: 2NE1 Has A Party In The Waiting Room with YG’s Maknae Lee HI

On the 1st of January, Leader of 2NE1 uploaded a selca on her ”Instagram” earning laughs from fans.

In the picture, member CL holds a wine bottle with a glass while Park Bom, Minzy and Dara pose cutely with Lee Hi who was holding a pack of milk in the waiting room backstage at MBC Gayo Daejun Year End Festival.

The picture attracted lots of attention as the older ”unnies” are set to party while baby Lee Hi has to drink her milk since she’s not legal yet for alcohol. While 2NE1 poses with wine and Lee Hi with milk, fans couldn’t help but laugh at this enormous cute group picture.

Netizens commented with ”The members are so cute and Lee Hi is adorable” ”Aw the baby of YG has to drink her milk” ”Lee Hi’s pose is kinda stiff but its so cute” ”YG Family members sure know how to party” ”I bet they had a blast” ”They look so good!” ”The stage was perfect


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