Article: Indonesian Group ‘Tangga’ are Fans of 2NE1 and Big Bang


TANGGA’s Chevrina: I like all personality of 2NE1. Each of the personalityl has character. In terms of fashion, I really like Sandara. Her fashion is ‘crazy’ and unique. Her hair style is also very unique, raised high or bald on one side. From the vocal perspective, I like Minzy. Her voice is very unique & really ‘Korea’.

TANGGA’s Nerra: In 2NE1, I like BOM because her voice is really good. From the appearance, I like Sandara, because she has the most feminine face, but her style & make-up is not too girly. More to hip-hop & cool really. For example, she likes to wear pants that rolled up on one side.

(A/N: The translator translated the 2NE1 parts only. See the full article here: LINK.)

Source: via Ohdara

Translated by: @PLANET2NE1


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