Article: 2NE1 were already been dubbed “Bigger than Psy,” by Forbes magazine in October


They—CL, Minzy, Dara and Bom—are the first all girl Korean group to launch and international tour. The 2012 New Evolution Global Tour will span 10 cities across 7 different countries.

2NE1, To Anyone, or Twenty-One (all are correct pronunciations) has pushed an astonishing 4 million copies of their breakthrough hit, “I Am the Best” since June 2011 and sold an astonishing 27 million digital downloads dating back to 2009.

2NE1 owes much of their success to effective commercial/product placement. Their first single “Lollipop” was featured on an LG Electronics cell phone commercial.
“Since it was a commercial, it was out there all over the place,” outspoken 2NE1 diva CL tells Forbes. “That’s why so many people got to know us real fast.” (Forbes)

They also shared face time with American hip-hop star and style icon Nicki Minaj in a recent international Adidas ad.
2NE1 was compared to an Asian Lady Gaga when “I Am the Best,” was featured on Fine Brothers YouTube series, “Kids React To…” This particular episode was “Kids React To K-Pop.”

Though 2NE1 successfully sold out arenas on the East and West coast during the U.S. leg of their global tour, they still feel there’s a better way to engage American audiences.

CL told Forbes about the New Jersey show, “I mean, everyone sang along in Korean, but I thought it would be much better if we could do it in English, when everyone could actually connect to the lyrics.”

Credit: Dara Park Facebook Fanpage


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