News: 2NE1′s Park Bom Dominates The Stage Like A Pro W/out A Shoe ”Diva Park Bom, I Don’t Need Heels”



2NE1′s Park Bom ”vows” fans yet again with a spectacular ”I LOVE YOU” stage along with the rest of 2NE1 at the ”22th High1 Seoul Music Awards”.

The hottest topic of the night was 2NE1‘s performance, as member Park Bom accidentally lost her shoe during the performance. Even though it all happened quickly, the ”doll-like” beauty managed to handle the situation like a pro by taking off her other shoe later on, continuing the spectacular performance without a mistake. earning praises from many.

Even though Park Bom wasn’t wearing any heels, she stunned and boasted her stunning legs even more as they looked perfect even bare-footed making many watchers even more envious of her ”terminator legs’‘. She was even more lively without her heels, and enjoyed the performance like any other with amazing vocals hit perfectly.

Netizens who saw the broadcast commented with ”Wow, Park Bom is such a pro!”  ”Daebak Unnie kekeke”  ”Park Bom looked so cute!” ”Wow, it didn’t seem like an accident at all, she handled it so well” ”Her killer legs are no joke, even without heels, did you see her killer legs?” ”Stunning barbie doll!”  ”It’s like, she doesn’t need heels at all!”  ”Asia’s Cinderella? Bomderella?” ”Terminator Legs, hul~ I want them too” ”2NE1′s performance was still so good! They all looked gorgeous too” and more showing a variety of reactions.

Meanwhile 2NE1 along with SECRET, Miss A, BIG BANGEpik HighF(x), SHINee and more received awards during the ”22th High1 Seoul Music Awards” today.

Source: Nate

Translated By: Yasmine@WeLoveBom


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