News: Park Bom Becomes The Talk Of Town Yet Again By Revealing Her Sexy Slender Legs [VIP Berlin Movie Premiere]

Girlgroup 2NE1‘s Main Vocalist Park Bom ”wows” netizens once again by revealing her ”terminator” legs at an event a while ago.

2NE1′s DaraMinzy and Park Bom recently showed up at the ”Berlin” Korean VIP Movie Premiere on the 23rd minus leader CL due to schedule conflicts.

On this day, fresh vocalist Dara showed up in a chic bright bink coat while Minzy showed up in all black and eye-catching ”purple” hair presenting a ”animated” kind of feel. Even though these two we’re eye catchers. the main eye-catcher that night was the oldest member Park Bom who showed up in a ”see through” look with her see through black and white top and her black see through kind of stockings with extremely short shorts revealing her ”terminator” legs once again.

She showed a bright fresh image with her short hair pinned in back, slightly curled and her usual ”smokey- eye make up” wasn’t as much as normal which gave her a ”fresher” image. Just last December, Bom became the topic of town by her slightly ”chubby” appearance at a Singapore Press Conference, but it seemed like it had nothing on Bom as she flaunted her feminine beauty the next month at the VIP Premiere ”wowing” fans and netizens all at once.

Netizens who saw the pictures commented with ”The lighter make-up suits best, she looks stunning” ”Park Bom looks great!” ”What diet did she follow in such a short time?” ”She lookes really incredible, sometimes I wish they wouldn’t judge her as much” ”Im so jealous of her legs, they look amazing” ”2NE1 looked really good that night” and more showing a variety of reactions.

Source: Nate

Translated By: Yasmine@WeLoveBom


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