Article: Park Bom’s Interview for Allure Magazine


Q: This is the time in which idols are already getting married. You’re now freed from the dating ban, don’t you want to get married too?

Bom: I’m only just inside our house. So i’m not afraid of paparazzis. Though YG sajangnim has allowed us to date, his expressions are like he still doesn’t want us too. “Go date. But tell me first who you’re going to meet.” He’s like a strict father.


“But when I wear skirts and put on some make up, I transform into that sexy kind of person” 

Q: Since you’re the one in charge of the sexiness among the members, everyone’s focus is on your looks & body condition.

Bom: Honestly, my personality is cool and easy-going. But once I started wearing skirts and put on some make up, I transform into that sexy kind of person. Minzy was the one in charge of sexiness. But since she’s young, she still can’t show off much.


“Dara is pretty but I wanna try endorsing cosmetics too”.

Q: Only Dara is endorsing beauty products. Dont you want to? Or there’s other reasons?
Bom: Dara is really pretty. But I wanna try endorsing cosmetics but no one contacts me. If you see this magazine & changed your minds, please contact me!


“I received lots of love too from fans when I tried to be sexy, so I can’t give up (haha)”
Q: So when Minzy gets a little more mature, will you pass your throne as the sexy member in the group?
Bom: I don’t think so. I received lots of love too from fans when I tried to be sexy, so I can’t give up (haha). And I once promised fans I’ll show off my waist but still wasn’t able to. This time on our album, I’ll be showing it off slowly. Please wait for it!


Q: Whenever and wherever you are, you always show a beautiful appearance in photos taken by the media. How do you tend to be like this?

Bom: If I eat, I gain weight. If im stressed, I tend to gain weight too. Hwangssabu cannot see me like this, he’ll ask me what I did & ask me to exercise.


Q: You’re now on your 30′s. Are there any changes?

Bom: It’s cool because when I was on my 20′s, everything was harder for me. Since I was young, all I think of is my dream to be a singer. Til my 20′s, I was so impatient and kept on thinking what if I didn’t became a singer. But luckily, it’s still not too late. It’s a relief.


“Lately, we’re having a discussion about this too.”We can show a girly side of us too!” 

Q: 2NE1 seems to be taking a different path compared to girl groups emphasizing a lovely image. 
Bom: We as 2NE1 would like to pursue the “boyish concept” which is different from the existing girl groups. But lately, we’re having a discussion about this matter too. We say “We can show a girly side of us too!”. We are girls too.


“Dara and I always discusses about who are the guys who aren’t good to date with”

Bom: It will cause us burden if we started meeting/dating with guys. Dara and I always discusses about who are the guys that aren’t good to date with, then we’ll ended up concluding “YG sajangnim won’t allow us.” And our ideal guy would be a strict guy like sajangnim.

Q: Today’s photo shoot is different than usual. you emphasized your gracefulness than your sexiness, how was it?
Bom: At first, I was a little bit surprised. I liked flowers but I never wore clothes with flower prints. Through those flowers, I was actually able to show my gracefulness as a girl. Today I laid myself lower. I reduced the makeup when I usually went on stage and left it over to the staff. I still feel awkward.


Q: Sometimes you show the strong image of you in photo shoots and in stages. Due to that I think you will have times where you feel awkward.
Bom: I tend to be different in that ways. However the strong image is closer to my normal image than today’s image. Usually I don’t go out unless I put my eye line on. The reason why I always check after every cut during the shoot is because I feel awkward. My mom and friends said that I was pretty in today’s image when I showed them, which was surprising. ‘Oh, so people think I’m prettier in this way,’ I thought.


Q: Don’t you feel irritated with the word ‘unique’?

Bom: No. We believe that we are showing ourselves without any decorations. It is always true on stage and even our daily life. Each member is unique. At first we were worried but as time passes we get used to it and it is fun to see the members’ uniqueness – it gives a power of encouragement.


Q: What are the things that you feel best and regretting after you became a part of 2NE1?
Bom: The best moment was when we got MAMA’s Daesang for “I Don’t Care”. Just like anyone, we did so much work. Something regretting is that we cannot comeback the way we want and that we can’t go to variety shows. Especially we want to go to “Infinite Challenge”. Before, we visited GD’s shooting of the show. The members said that we love “Infinite Challenge” and the PD said that to come out ASAP, but there is no reply. I think the PD thinks we are not good in variety shows.


Q: “Infinite Challenge“‘s Tae Ho Kim PD?
Bom: No, Mr. YG. Until now Mr. YG is a person we feel difficult. Because of that we try to keep quiet, since we lived in the overseas a long time we don’t know the manners. Due to this he thinks that we don’t have any talents, but 예전에 he said that he was surprised when he watched .


Q: The other members also did their photo shoots, aren’t they jealous of each other?
Bom: At first, we never. But today a manager and a reporter spoke of ‘Allure’ that the pictures were the prettiest. After this, I was sensitive of myself caring my skin well.


Q: So was the time when you came in with a skin mask for your face?

Bom: Yes. I wanted to try my best to do care for my own until the photo shoot. My face today was a little bit swollen.


Q: I heard that you were interested in makeup, what is today’s point (main point)?
Bom: My eyelashes. One that you stick and one that you express through makeup. I like both. Whenever I go overseas I buy funny eyelashes. For example the same brand that are in Japan and England are different styles. So I bought both first (whatever I saw).


Q: Do you makeup yourself?
Bom: Usually. First I draw an eye line and stick some eyelashes. So I put the eye line normally and reduced the eyelashes, and the fans’ reactions were superb. It took me a long time to realize this.


Q: When was your first time interested on makeups and you actually tried?
Bom: I had many chances in America to do makeups. Although it erased well, and there were even children’s use nail arts, So I think I interacted with these a lot which motivated me. My mother was an artist, so I was forced to draw, but I didn’t like it so I started drawing on my face. Makeup skills better as the time invested right? So I thought this was it. I didn’t do every day but I started doing makeup when I was in elementary school.


Q: Where do you shop and what kind of makeup materials do you shop?

Bom: For eyelashes, cool things are usually at Shuuemura . Wherever I go I use to buy unique ones. Recently I bought an eyeliner in Japan.


Q: What is the cosmetic you usually bring around? I heard that you only use one brand forever?

Bom: Eyeliner and concealer. The one I use forever is BB Cream. Eye makeup is important too but my skin is very thin until my vessels are visible. Skin tone caring is very important.


Q: How much cosmetic stuff do you have?
Bom: A lot. There are things that I never get to use. Since cosmetic products have expiration dates, I share them to others.


Q: Is there any singer you are jealous of her makeup?
Bom: I think there aren’t singers that are as unique as us. Other singers try to get prettier. Because of my pride of my uniqueness, my makeup gets stronger.


Q: Since you like makeup the staffs look like they are always nervous.
Bom: There are kind of many things that I require. Pretty things and uniqueness, it is really difficult to be on the position between over and okay.


Q: What is the energy of your source? You seem well after 12 hours of shooting and now is 4 AM.
Bom: From singing. Until now there are parts where I haven’t shown my talents. There were mistakes in broadcasting systems. Because of this there are parts where I cannot show my all. Because of that I tend to work harder, like today.


Q: Don’t you hear that you sing well? 

Bom: If I am good, people compliments me that my voice is like a CD, but whenever my voice condition is not as well and do some mistakes….I tend to sacrifice myself for my next album.


Q: What do you do with the members?
Bom: We mainly eat. With Dara, we like to eat, but I’m the one who gains weight only.


Q: Do you get fat easily?
Bom: I tend to swell the next day after I eat a lot. I am so shocked if my pictures are taken that day. This thing becomes an issue again. Nowadays whenever this happens, I drink corn tea. If I drink one box, the swelling gets better. Corn suits well to me^^ Oh yeah, a corn CF called me. But I needed to wear the corn outfit. I gave up helplessly T.T


Q: Don’t you feel pressured whenever you need to show something new whenever a new album is released?

Bom: I’m not nervous. I think if all 2NE1 members show themselves, we feel satisfied despite of how bad or good the results are. However there are many aspects that I want to show people more.

Credit:  @nokiov

Translated by: 2ne1bbmania + cathy@WeLoveBom


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