Interviews: CL,Dara and Minzy Mentions Bom in their Interviews


“It was really awkward. When it was time to practice and I’d eat alone, those three always came to me first. So we became close really fast. Now, I think it’s the three members who comfort and protect me.”

Small misunderstandings though, would of course, arise. Recently, we learned that at first, Sandara Park thought that fellow member, and same-age friend, Park Bom, didn’t like her. She blames it on the time when she called Park Bom but ended the call abruptly because she was too shy to talk.

“She didn’t know about my personality back then until it was too late, but looking back at it now, it was really funny.” The fact that she remains very shy is surprising, given how active and fierce the 2NE1 member Sandara Park can be on stage.


Q: Where do you get information about beauty?
CL: I mainly get it from Bom. She has experiences rather than specialists who know skills. I do not really feel into beauty but sometimes I get skin trouble after sweating during a performance. I get skincare treatments and even my hair in order to maintain the blonde color. I also care my head skin so that I won’t have many wrinkles. The problem is “what to eat”.


Q: How does it feel like to be with Bom and Dara whose age intervals are 10 years above than you?

Minzy: Our unnies are naughty girls. They are curious, do pranks a lot, and this kind of make me feel comfortable which I get to depend on them. I am not a maknae with so much cuteness. I cannot express my love for the unnies too. And later, I got to write a message for Dara. The content was not much special, but I guess unnie was touched and recently, she replied during my birthday with a red bag. “Minzy you also became an adult. I cannot believe that T.T” The unnies saw me since 6th grade so they probably thought this birthday was special. CL unnie also gave me an iPhone 5 seeing that I kept using the old version phones. Bom unnie, hmm, said that she was going to buy me soon. She was busy. I understand unnie.(Laughter) I get to depend on my unnies not only physically but overall. The members got together for a long time from before so we know how to care for each other. We know how to understand for each other, and even learn what was wrong.

Credit: As tagged via Welovebom


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