News: 2NE1′s Goddess Park Bom in BTS Shot for ”Allure” ”They Look Quite Good Together”


Girlgroup 2NE1′s Park Bom revealed a BTS picture of her ”Allure” magazine photoshoot, which became a hot topic online.

On the 21st, YG Entertainment‘s official me2day called ”YGonair” revealed a BTS shot of Park Bom during her ”Allure” magazine shoot stunning many fans by her ”goddess” like look. With the picture they added ”Park Bom’s Allure first class pictorial is right here. With Journalist Hwang Min Young who’s also on <Get it beauty> Bom & Hwang Min Young (who admitted he’s a fan of 2NE1!! ㅋㅋ) has completed this fantasy-like pictorial successfully. They look good together right’? (But HMY is already a married man..ㅠㅠ)”.

In the picture Bom posed in a beautiful white dress holding a white/pink ish rose along with her hair tied up, decorated with flowers, posing next to Hwang Min Young who posed with a shy smile.

Netizens showed a variety of reactions after seeing this pictures such as ”Korea’s Spring Goddess?” ”She looks so stunning!” ”Goddess Park Bom and flowers… my heart..”  ”They actually do look cute, too bad he’s already married” ”I’ll never get over how beautiful Bom looks without her trademark heavy eyeliner” and more.

Meanwhile 2NE1 is set to hold a joint concert with fellow labelmate Gummy pure for charity on the 23rd of February.

Source: Nate

Translated By: Yasmine@WeLoveBom


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