News: Park Bom without Eye-Liner Turns Into ”Innocent Goddess Of Spring”

Park Bom without heavy eye-liner becomes a hot topic online.

Goddess of Spring aka 2NE1′s Park Bom has stunned many with her ”Allure Korea” pictorials. The concept for the whole photo shoot basically revolved around flowers creating this ”spring” look. Bom completely showed a new image from her usual sexy charismatic look to an innocent spring goddess look stunning many fans.

Park Bom admitted that she never goes outside without eye-liner, so this shoot was kind of awkward for her. It was her first time after debut that she shot alone for a magazine with a total natural look, no heavy make-up at all which transformed her image completely.

In addition Bom shared many things such as her knowledge of cosmetics, what the difference is between the ones sold in Korea and the ones overseas and her secrets to skin care and her make-up ”do’s” and she promised fans that this year, she’ll definitely show her waistline to fans she promised earlier. She revealed she’ll show it slowly for this comeback so many should anticipate.

The reactions to her pictorials we’re explosive as many commented with ”Her innocent charm/feeling is back alive” ”She looks pretty” ”Gorgeous goddess” ”Totally different then her usual image, great concept matching her perfectly” ”Spring is coming” ”I’m so jealous, Bom looks like a total Spring Goddess” ”Beautiful” showing a variety of reactions.

Park Bom showed a stunning crisp bright image with spring flowers and the pictorials containing her ”pure charm” are in ”Allure Korea” March Issue in stores now. Also ”Allure Korea” website also published stunning shots of Spring Goddess Bom.

Source: Nate

Translated by: Yasmine@WeLoveBom


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