INTERVIEW: Hwangssabu Talks about Park Bom on his Interview with “Cuvism” Magazine


Q: On 2NE1TV, I remember there’s a scene where you banned Park Bom from eating corn.

Hwangssabu: There seems to be a bit misinformation on the broadcasts. I didn’t ban her from eating corn for a long period of time since debut. Once Bom gets to be attached to a certain food, she’ll eat only that. She originally likes corn that’s why she eats a lot of it that time (2NE1TV era). I only banned her until before the release of their album.

Q: Recently, how do you manage Park Bom?

Hwangssabu: Park Bom has been so busy lately so it’s hard to contact her. That’s why I contact her through her mother. Actually its hard making Bom go to the gym but once she does, she works out very hard. She lived in US for a long time so her body can bear with a lot of exercising. Her flexibility is good as well.

Q: If Hwangssabu’s rules weren’t fulfilled properly, what do you do?

Hwangssabu: I force them to do additional exercising. Its a story during 2NE1′s training days. The thing I hate the most is when they promise to come at a certain time but they wont do. Once they do that, I punish them by letting them walk on  stairs from 1st floor to 6th floor.

Translated by: Cathy @ WeLoveBom



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