News: Why do Famous Foreign Stars like Will.I.Am, Jeremy Scott and Snoop dogg likes 2NE1?


Korea’s popular top girlgroup 2NE1 has been receiving series of love calls from various foreign stars around the globe.

Recently, 2NE1 being featured on Black eyed Peas leader Will.I.Am’s solo album has been a great topic. In addition to this, 2NE1 received lots of attention as they were confirmed to be the guest artists on Snoop Dogg’s first Korean concert to be held on May 5.

But then, this is not the first time that the group collaborated with Will.I.Am. Last year, leader CL’s collab stage with Will.I.Am and Apl. de Ap at ‘Mnet Asian Music awards’ has also caught the attention of netizens as well as music officials.

What could be the reason why 2NE1 is receiving so much love and attention from famous foreign stars?

Music experts explained that the reason why artists abroad prefers to work with 2NE1 is because 2NE1 is focused on the different world of music. Most of the local Korean idol groups focuses on electronic dance and music, while 2NE1 consistently focuses from rock to hiphop music representing universal music  which is totally beyond K-Pop.

Officials from YG entertainment explained “Even abroad, people likes 2NE1 because of their sophisticated music and fresh charm. They also seem to be so much interested with 2NE1′s styling and fashion.”


Only 2NE1′s sense of fashion has caught the eyes of famous fashion designer Jeremy Scott. Since 2NE1′s debut, Jeremy Scott has been publicly supporting the group through his own blog.

Particularly on the year 2010 where he visited Korea, he had a lot of schedules together with 2NE1, and he also once appeared on stage with 2NE1 at the Adidas Originals party which has garnered attention.

The girlgroup’s first world tour, “New Evolution” which became a hot topic everywhere  has showed off the growth of their talent and potentials. This tour mobilizing a total of 20,000 audience  has been coined by New York Times as the one of the “Best Concerts of 2012″

Source: Nate News

Translated by: Cathy@WeLoveBom


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