Me2day/Twitter: YG Greeted Bom A Happy Birthday


#봄IsHere HAPPY B-DAY @haroobomkum!!!


wow @haroobomkum #worldwide #trends #봄IsHere


[2NE1][BOM] 봄에 태어난 박봄양의 생일을 YG미투데이가 진심으로 축하합니다^^♥
박봄생일 축하 멘트를 남겨주세요!!!

YG me2day really wishes Ms. Park Bom, who was born in Spring, a Happy birthday^^♥
TAG: Please leave a birthday greeting for Park Bom.



YGLIFE: This is Yang CEO’s present~^^. Happy Birthday Ms. Bom~ These are cute like Line (a Naver SNS app) stickers^^~~

(Note these were also posted on YG’s Instagram)

Source: YGONAIR Me2day, YG’s Twitter & YG Life
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