Twitter: Bom – “That photo with my sign became meaningfu and important to me.”


오늘 내동생 수아가 청소 하다 발견한 사진 하나!ㅋㅋ데뷔전에 동생이 자기한테 젤먼저 싸인을해야 한다며 난리를 쳤다..그래서 재미로 찍은 사진과 그위에 싸인이 나에겐 의미있고 소중한 사진이 됐다 정말 신기하다^^

Today, while my dongsaeng Su-a was cleaning, she saw a photo! Keke Before debut, she told me she must be the first one to get my signature.. Just for fun, she took a photo and I signed on the bottom. That photo became meaningful and important to me. It’s amazing^^

Source: Bom’s Twitter
Translated by: CLassifiedKJOP


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