News: Park Bom,Yoon So Yi and Son Yeon Jae wears the Same Dress for Fashion Magazines, ‘Who Wore it Best?’


Park Bom, Yoon So Yi & Son Yeon Jae wearing the same flower patterned one-piece dress for their recent pictorial for different fashion magazines has been a hot topic online.

2NE1′s Park Bom released the photos from her pictorial for fashion magazine Allure through twitter, and her make-up emphasizing her eyes, and her up style flower patterned one piece dress boasted a mystical, dreamy and fantasy-like look.

Meanwhile, actress Yoon So Yi attracted attention as she poses for the April issue of magazine Dazed and Gazed flaunting a very feminine look with her wavy hairstyle and same flower patterned one-piece dress bragging her waist line and slender legs.

Also, Son Yeon Jae also posed for J.Estina wearing the neat up style flower patterned dress as well which showed off a romantic feminine look.

Netizens who saw the girls wearing the same flower-printed dress showed various reactions such, “Though there are different feels, the three of them looks like goddesses”, “They’re as pretty as dolls”, “As expected, flower patterned one-piece dress is the best for summer season”.

Source: Nate News

Translated by: Cathy@WeLoveBom


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