News: 2NE1 Takes a Photo with Lee Hi, “Unnies taking good care of the Maknae”


2NE1 member Park Bom took a very affectionate photo with singer Lee Hi while eating together.

Park Bom on the evening of April 7 uploaded a photo through her twitter with the caption “With the newest star these days! With Lee Hi! After KPOP Star,we went to eat meat.”

2NE1 members (without CL) and Lee Hi showed off their adorable poses and played with the camera. Sandara Park was biting lettuce which gave off a humorous look, while Park Bom was looking at Lee Hi with her fingers pointing on Lee Hi’s cheeks.

On the other hand, 2NE1′s maknae (youngest member) Gong Minzy sported a mature look which attracted attention.

Netizens upon seeing the cute photo commented, “Lee Hi looks like a member of 2NE1″, “They all look cute”, “Gong Minzy has gotten prettier”, “Lee Hi’s the best”, “Park Bom & Sandara Park still looks so young,huh”.

Source: Nate News
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