Article: 2NE1 Collab with Snoop Dogg Confirmed for Snoop Dogg′s Korea Concert

2NE1 will not only be performing as a guest at Snoop Dogg′s concert in Korea, but it will also be performing with Snoop Dogg on the same stage.
It has been confirmed that 2NE1 and Snoop Dogg will be collaborating in Snoop Dogg′s first concert in Korea, the Unite All Originals Live with Snoop Dogg, to be held on May 4.


A rep from Adidas Originals, the host of the concert, told enews on April 30, “2NE1 will not only perform its own songs, but it will also perform with Snoop Dogg in a special performance. You can look forward to this collaboration between Snoop Dogg and 2NE1, a team which gives inspiration to even foreign artists.”

2NE1 has previously collaborated with such global pop singers as Black Eyed Peas′ and, a fact which draws attention to what the group will have in store for this new mix.

The hip-hop duo The Airplane Boys as well as the DJ crew DDND MVMT will also be turning up the heat at the concert as the opening lineup.

Credit: Enewsworld


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