Fan-Account: Bom and 2NE1 in Super Live at Universal Studios Japan!


CL: I’m 2NE1’s CL
Bom: I’m Vocal Bom
Dara: Although I’m fresh Dara, but today I’m Dara, who’s good in Japanese
Minzy: I’m 2NE1’s maknae Minzy

After pressing down the signed hand-print

Host: How was it? Bom-chan?
Bom: Wha..wha…what?
Host: (Your) impression of pressing down the hand-print, how was it?
Bom: I am very happy

Q: Attractions you want to ride in USJ

CL: I want to see the characters
Dara: That! I want to ride that! (points the hollywood)
Minzy: As for me, it’s Terminator 2
Bom: I like Elmo

Host: To 2NE1, what is something that you cannot live without? 

CL: All our fans 
Minzy: Me too
Dara: Ah my family members and also all our fans 
Bom: Obviously! Our fans!

“When Elmo came out, Bom felt extremely tensed/ confused.”

“Bom was generous.. She threw 2 towels to audience. Dara none”

 “CL took long to remove her rings from her fingers. She have so many. Kkk.. Dara only had a ring on but she took off her watch as well.. Bom as usual was lost n started removing her rings only after seeing the rest do it :)”



Credits: @_eeezy_21nolza + sgbjcrew
translated by: @dahyeons



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