News: PSY Mentions 2NE1 on his Speech in Harvard University – “The audience cheers aloud!”


The American students of Harvard University who went to hear the speech of famous singer Psy cheered out loud as the singer mentions about girl group 2NE1who is under the same agency as him.

On the 9th of May, PSY opened his speech at Harvard University Memorial Church with a brief explanation on how his hit song “Gangnam Style” was uploaded on Youtube. PSY said, “Our company has 2NE1,” making the audience cheer out loud which surprised Psy.

He added, “Looking at now (by how the audience reacted), 2NE1 really has a lot of international fans. That is the reason why the artists from our agency releases their music videos on Youtube which can also be seen by foreign fans. Until now, it’s still like that so Gangnam Style was released online as well.”

Source: Osen

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