News: Park Bom Shows her Strong Admiration Towards “Appa Eodiga”‘s Kim Minyul, “He’s so cute!”



2NE1′s member Park Bom fell in love for Appa Eodiga (Dad, where are you going?)’s Kim Minyul.

On the 19th, Park Bom tweeted her fellow member Sandara Park who’s also known to be a fan of Kim Minyul, “Oh my god! Today’s Appa Eodiga is so fun. Did you see Minyul? He’s so cute! I’ll be his fan.” Sandara Park then replied, “All kids are cute! If I became an aunt, I’ll play with them very well. When would that be?”.

Kim Sung Juk, Min Guk and Kim Minyul all had their appearances on this episode of MBC’s “Dad, where are you going?”. Kim Minyul who’s only 5 years old and is the youngest among the cast shows purity and innocence making him get so much responses from people and causing them to get hooked by his charm.

Netizens conmented about this article, “Park Bom is fangirling over Kang Minyul, i am too!”, “Park Bom is cute as well!”, “Is Kang Minyul that popular?”, “Wow, Park Bom watches Appa Eodiga! Cool!”.


Source: Nate News
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