News: Park Bom Crowned as “The Goddess of Fishnet Stockings” as she Flaunts her Perfect Legs on Recent Photos


2NE1′s Park Bom caught the attention of netizens with her exceptional, perfect legs.

Various online communities uploaded photos of Park Bom recently while performing on stage for different university festivals with the titles, “Fantaken photos of Park Bom who’s losing weight recently” and “Goddess of fishnet stockings at Hanyang University Festival“.

Park Bom was bragging her perfect legs while wearing unique outfit on the photos. This May 21st at Hanyang University Festival, Park Bom’s sexy charm was emphasized as she wears a black top with prints and cuts on the shoulder part, matched up with fishnet stockings showing off her slender legs. People who saw her photos admired her perfect body proportion and S-line which was clearly seen despite the low-heeled shoes she was wearing.

Netizens commented on the photo, “Her legs are perfect”, “How can you look that pretty?”, “Her legs are truly a work of art”, “It seems like she lost weight recently.”

Source: Sport Seoul via Nate News
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