Fashion Find: Park Bom Stuns in Givenchy at Korea University Festival



Following up their many university festivals, 2NE1 performed at Korea University in a grand bright red ensemble. Out of the four, Park Bom wore a more detailed and eye-catching piece from Givenchy’s Resort 2012. One of my personal favorite collections from Givenchy (and what I had secretly hoped for 2NE1 to wear for months now)! Ricardo Tisci’s continuation of his popular and demanding menswear Spring 2012 collection takes form in a women’s variation with lighter colors and more structured shapes. His signature gothic looks turning towards a more exotic, tropical flower kind of baroque in this prominent kaleidoscopic reinvention. Bom’s t-shirt is one of the most prominent of the collection with its beautiful floral print. The gorgeous bilateral symmetry of the iris and birds of paradise floral prints adds a feminine touch to an otherwise bold and vivid t-shirt. She gave the impressive shirt a ’2NE1 twist’ with her signature hexagon leggings and black denim shorts.

Credit: Welovebom


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