News: YG Entertainment – All About Big Bang in 2012 but Now It’s All About 2NE1



For YG Entertainment, 2012 was certainly about promoting Big Bang, putting out back-to-back songs with combinations of G-Dragon as a solo and the team as a whole. This year, YG seems to be employing a similar strategy. This time, YG is going all in on 2NE1.

Similar to how Big Bang paved the way for G-Dragon last year, CL is leading 2NE1 back to the land of K-pop with the release of her solo debut album, soon to be followed by 2NE1’s comeback with a new song in June. Only time will tell whether the similar tactic will work out for two years in a row or not, but it will probably be successful. Why? Simply because it is 2NE1 we are talking about.

With CL having prepared the stage with her solo debut of THE BADDEST FEMALE2NE1 is reported to have pulled up their comeback date from July to June.

According to sources, the choreographers for 2NE1 have already visited YG Entertainment and flown back, leading to speculations that the choreography has been finalized.

An associate at YG stated, “2NE1 enjoyed great success last year with their first world tour, but we could not help but feel that we could have done better in terms of producing new songs. We only released one new song last year. So we will be focusing on bringing something new to our fans this year.”

Credit: Kpopstarz


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