Twitter: Bom to Dara & Taeyang – “Our leader~ 1st in awesomeness!” + “Fighting Boss!”



Dara: CL, congrats for getting #1!!!!!!! ^.^

Bom: #CL congrats for winning #1ㅠㅠAs expected from our leadah~~I just saw Dara go up on the encoreㅠㅠIt seems so fun”

Dara:  Yeah it’s funㅋㅋㅋBut the flag is heavier than I thought it would be and I almost hit peopleㅠ.ㅠ Sigh.. @.@ Waiting for the day we all can go on stage~ fighting! ^_^


Taeyang: “Be strong, Boss. I’ll pray for you #prayforboss”

Bom: Keep upㅠㅠ Boss… ㅠㅠ Bom noona has lots of energy!! I’ll give us some…. Fighting Boss!!!!”


Credit: Bom+Dara +Taeyang’s Twitter

Translation by: ilove2NE1girls+ 2ne1bbmania


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