News: Hot Exciting Battle Coming Up In July, ”2NE1 vs SISTAR”

These two #1 girlgroups are buzzing up the music industry, as SISTAR (Hyorin, Dasom, Bora, Soyu) recently made a comeback with ”Give It To Me” while 2NE1 (Park Bom, CL, Dara, Minji) recently announced their comeback for the month July/

Just recently SISTAR released their full album which is loved by the public aswell as the title track theyre promoting, ”Give It To Me”. Since the first day of release, it has been charting at the top on Korea’s major music charts even after 18 days. Many know that the competition is tough right now, but a midst the releases from other artists SISTAR manages to be the publics favorite among the other releases. Ofcourse many expect SISTAR‘s ride to continue in July with their hit ”Give It To Me.”

SISTAR‘s company also shared that they’re going all out with this album, where fans will meet various stages of the girls, hinting that indeed the ride will continue in July.

SISTAR has been releasing hits after hits, after debuting in 2010, almost every track they released after debut has been charting in the top. Hits such as ‘‘Alone” and ‘‘Loving You’‘, SISTAR proved that they could be named one of the top girlgroups of Korea. Earlier this year, subunit SISTAR19 made a comeback with ”Gone Around, Not Any Longer” heating up the music scene with their charismatic and sexy stages on music shows.

In addition, this team will face a tough competition, as one of the leading girlgroups of Korea is making a comeback this July! Debuting in 2009 with ”Fire” which was an instant hit loved by the public, continued their craze with ”I Don’t Care” ”Cant Nobody” ”Clap Your Hands” ”Go  Away” ”Lonely” ”I Am The Best” ”Hate You” ”Ugly” and last year with ”I Love You”. 2NE1 who created many hit songs is planning to stir up the music industry once again after their comeback news was released.

2NE1′s agency YG Entertainment’s head Yang Hyun Suk recently uploaded a post through his blog ”YG Life” where he announced that their new track is set to be released in early July called ‘‘Falling In Love’‘ which is a song 2NE1 is trying for the first time or well the genre which is ”reggae”.

”2NE1 will release a song each month starting from July till October. 2NE1 will promote the four songs each month, followed by their mini-album or full album which is planned to be released in October.”

”The song ”Falling In Love” is something new for 2NE1, as its genre is ”reggae”. It’s something fresh they’ll bring for the fans and to the music industry. 2NE1 is always eager to meet fans and they’re excited that they could meet their fans soon again, and I hope the fans are excited too. 2NE1 is also set for a change as they’re practising very hard with foreign choreographers, so the comeback will be completely fresh and new.”

With SISTAR already promoting and 2NE1 almost coming back in July, fans are excited with the upcoming ”hot” competition coming up. Both groups are loved with their fabulous stages so this is an exciting competition coming up for many fans.

Source: Nate

Translated By: Yasmine@WeLoveBom


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