Fan-Accounts: 130621 Park Bom Arrival at Changi Aiport

“you have no hands to sign for me right??? T_T” “YA……~~~~~ T_T” then I gave her the photo I wanted her to sign on LOL”


“Apparently everyone lovessss Bommie’s attire! I prefer it without the bra strapppp.”

“She’s so cute. She was like You shld come to Korea in October. Our concert. And I was like, oh. Then are you having your comeback soon?She said Yes. And then I asked her of she has a new solo. She was like Yes. And I ask her will she wear even more Sexy? Then she *paused* “Secret…” With that I’m-not-gonna-tell-you naughty face.”

“And I also told her I’ll see her next week. And she was like “Oh? You coming to Korea?” I was like “No…. But you are coming to Singapore!””

“Bommie so cuteeee. She was smiling alottt. And like really. I can tell she was happy. Hahahahha.”

“Her nailssss. Super bling. Seriously. Hahahhaha.”

Credit: 2NEVIA1 + PinkCessHui



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