Article: 2NE1 Radical Strategy, Performance First..Their Hidden Weapon?


2NE1 goes a different route by releasing a performance before the song and raises curiosity as to what their ‘secret weapon’ will be. So far they have been the center of attention amongst their peers with their overpowering performance, so to release a performance before a song shows their confidence.

The order that ‘singers release their songs and then appear on music programs for their comeback performance’ is protocol in the music industry. The concern is that if the performance is revealed first, there could be illegal downloading or streaming affecting the sale. As a result, the performance is usually revealed last. In the case of 2NE1, a top group with guaranteed sales, this is an unprecedented feat.

Nevertheless, 2NE1 is scheduled to appear on SBS ’Inkigayo’ on the 7th before the release of their new single ‘Falling in Love’ on the 8th. Currently they are getting ready for the performance and have even hired a foreign choreographer.

What is especially unique about 2NE1′s performance is that the genre is new. In July last year, they remarkably crossed over genres with the teuroteu-like ‘I Love You’. This time, they are expected to surprise once more with reggae.

Fashion also plays a part in the fun. 2NE1 became the hot topic with ‘I Love You’ when they went with an unusual concept of wearing leopard prints, swaying scarves, and parrots on their shoulders. So it is expected that this time they will also cause a stir with fashion, choreography and accessories. YG will maintain their reputation of investing whatever they can for a perfect performance.

During their comeback with ‘I Love You,’ 2NE1 reeled in entertainment program appearances to focus on music programs. But considering the fact that they didn’t have much interactions with fans due to world tours, their plan is to do more TV appearances this time. They are slated to release one single per month until October and meet with their longtime fans.

Credit: KpopStarz


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