Article: DARA’s 2NE1 Comeback Report D-3, “Appearance of a Goddess, Bom”

Hello? This is 2NE1′s PR director Dara. Naver StarCast fans, nice to meet you. Dudung!!! It was “I Love you on 2012″, and after 1 year, 2NE1 is coming back with “Falling in Love on July 8. Were you curious what were we doing in a year? From now, please anticipate for the comeback report that Dara will unveil!!!



Are you wondering where are the other members? I will release the selcas that the members sent me!

My Park sister’s goddess-like appearance as always!! Bling bling~!!! I always envy her flawless flawless skin and long long legs~~ㅠㅠ

Unrelated parts omitted.

Source:  Naver

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