Article: Keep An Eye on 3 Sensational Features in 2NE1′s Comeback



The ‘unique girls’ are coming back. It’s 2NE1, with their new song ‘FALLING IN LOVE.’ The group is known for their different characteristics every time they make a comeback, and this time there are 3 distinct and sensational features that will yet again differentiate the group from any other artists.

# After Trot, it’s time for Reggae!

The new song ‘FALLING IN LOVE’ by 2NE1 is new genre for the group – it’s reggae. 2NE1 had already tried a new genre last year with ‘I LOVE YOU’, which was trot-like (the oldest form of Korean pop music) style. So this year, reggae is another attempt for the group.

According to personnel from YG Entertainment, “’FALLING IN LOVE’ is reggae, a perfect genre for summer embracing various colors and strengths of each 2NE1 member – certainly a heart winner of enthusiastic fans and the public!”

In fact, a K-pop girl group trying this genre of reggae itself is unprecedented. Because the group is already known for their unique and exclusive music style, all eyes are on them to see what kind of pleasant surprises they have ready for the fans.

 # A completely different choreography with the guide from overseas choreographers

Like they have always done, 2NE1 has yet again put much effort in the choreography of ‘FALLING IN LOVE’.

To produce something ‘newer than before,’ they have invited some talented choreographers from overseas and invested much time in coming up with a perfect choreography. It is said that the members did not sleep for several nights for the first comeback performance on July 7’s Inkigayo on SBS.


2NE1 announced that most of the comeback stage will be performed solely by the members without the main dancers. The entertainment agency explained, “The absence of dancers on stage forces 2NE1 to work and prepare even harder, because just the four of them will be on stage.”

However, as Asiana’s plane crash at San Francisco’s international airport led to an inevitable cancellation of SBS’s Inkigayo, 2NE1’s performance will be filmed instead of being aired live. No further confirmation had been made for the future broadcasting dates.

# Fresh or sensational? 2NE1 leads a new fashion trend

The teaser image that was revealed on July 4 featured the members in cool and fresh summer looks with a beach in the background. It was a hint that 2NE1’s new song will be coming back with a very exciting and fresh performance.

But another teaser image that was unveiled the next day built up curiosity by featuring the four members as Egyptian goddesses. In the picture the members are in refreshing but charismatic outfits with a blazing sun in the background of a somewhat Egyptian feel. The teaser image already differentiates the group from all the other artists.

2NE1 has been a leader not only in the music world, but more in the fashion world with their unique fashion sense. Because they are already known for their astonishing fashion, fans are waiting excitedly to see what they will show us this time. Dara, who transformed into a blond lady, and the rest of the members, are keeping the music lovers thrilled with their unpredictable outfits. It will be exciting to see what kind of fashion trend they will create this time.

Credit: YG-Life


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