Fashion Find: Goddess Bom Stuns In “Falling In Love” Music Video

So the video’s finally out! And yes, I am, in fact, in love with every piece in this video. It’s a perfect, summery feel! 2NE1 has toned down their crazy style for a more lax look – and it still totally works on them. From Balmain to KTZ (actually, no KTZ this time), I keep “falling in love” with our girls [insert cheers and clapping for my lame pun].


The first dress that completely stole my eye was this gorgeous white piece from my favorite collection by Alexander Wang: Spring 2013 RTW. The concept of the collection was a tension between pure, neutral colors and suspension with structure and fluid shapes. All in all, it captured delicacy with the help of translucent slits (actually fish wire – amazing!). The pieces found its way in the 2NE1 wardrobe for its airy, light feel. Bom wears one of the greatest pieces of the collection, but, as always with YG, altered, with the hem being cut to the mid-thigh. She finishes the look with the collection’s shoes and gold accents. The dress goes for over $1,200 retail price, alterations not included.


The second, which completely suits Bom, as many of Mary Katrantzou’s pieces do, is from her Spring 2013 RTW collection. We’re so in love with this dress, we’ve nicknamed it ‘Superhero Bom’! As you can obviously see, yet again, YG has altered it. The dress is cut much shorter and the sleeves have been removed to make a cape for our Bom. Wonder Bom! You can pre-order the dress on (though at the current rate, I don’t expect any of us willing to cash that much money out).




Last but not least, the most fun and colorful of all! A Versus Versace dress with plastic chain hem along with a funky, bright red Julian Hakes ‘Mojito’ heel. I think this dress, of all the outfits, suited Bom’s “rainbow” personality the most. It is, after all, rainbow! But then again, the feel of the look along with her short hair gave the vibrance that Bom is famously known for throughout the Blackjacks.



My personal ranking for all of these outfits? 10/10. That’s a shocker for me, too! Most of the time, 2NE1′s outfits never truly capture how fun they are – but these do! AND, not only that, but they also match the concept perfectly and even enhance it. Although it may not be fun and summer everywhere, just looking at these outfits surely brighten our day even a little. 2NE1 stylists – I give you my praise and an A+. Now we just have to wait for the performance stages and hope I fall in love with them just as well!

PS – if you want to see Bom’s fashion (and occasionally 2NE1/Big Bang) ID’ed faster, just follow me on twitter. I can’t balance life and these posts as easily as I wish I could, but I identify them as soon as I see them on twitter. It’s a lot faster than waiting for these posts. Follow me at @misketeers! Ask me questions on any questions or previous look you want ID’d too!

Credit: Welovebom


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