Interview: 2NE1 Ranked #1 On Music Charts “Grateful for the Fans and Motivated by Positive Pressure”


2NE1, knocking out all music charts with their new song ‘FALLING IN LOVE’, expressed their gratitude for the fans.

In the interview conducted at a café in Seogyodong, Mapogu, Seoul, 2NE1 told us about their thoughts on the comeback of ‘FALLING IN LOVE’.

2NE1’s comeback marked another moment of success for the group as they swept across all Korean music charts and ranked within the top range on overseas iTunes.

2NE1 said, “We are so happy and grateful. Last year, we released ‘I LOVE YOU’, but it’s been 2 years since we properly embarked on music promotion activities. So it’s been long since our last song, and we are thrilled by the positive reaction. We would like to repay this by doing our best on stage.

Because 2NE1 hits the bull’s eye of success every comeback, they earned a nickname “Music Monster”. And when asked about how they feel about this nickname, they answered, “YG (the producer) would be feeling the pressure more than we would!

They added, “When we rank the top on music charts, it makes us feel great. But we love it more when we can actually see the reaction of the audience. Actually feeling love and support in the air is more important to us. So although ranking #1 is valuable for us all, it’s not as good as people actually singing our songs or airing our performance more often.

With the comeback of ‘FALLING IN LOVE’, 2NE1 will be releasing a new song every month until October. The music world is already keeping an eye on the future monthly release dates of 2NE1’s new songs.

The group laughed, “We did not have an opportunity to do this for the last two years. So we are going to do it all at once this year!” They also told us about the pressure and stress from such high expectations.

They said, “Since our debut, we slowly learned how to not be so stressed about our performance and people’s reaction. Whether we feel stressed or not, the result does not change. So we are simply doing our best and devoting all our energy into our performance. We learned that enjoying every process is important.

They added, “So pressure that comes from such expectations is giving us motivation. Because without it, we can’t develop further or move forward.

On July 11, 2NE1 will be performing ‘FALLING IN LOVE’ for the first time on Mnet’s M Countdown

Source: YG-Life


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