Photo: Line – Bom “Hello everyone i’m Bom.”


Bom: Good morning~~~*^^* Sure enough ㅋㅋㅋ PR Manager Dara told me that I should stop washing already????!!!  Bommie is very busy in the room. Accompanying PR Manager Park, in addition to our private practices, we don’t get enough sleep, but when we face each other, we are wide awake, it’s a curious thing!!!!!  PR Manager, good mo~~~rn~~~ingㅋㅋㅋ

Hello everyone i’m Bom. Ahh.. Goodmorning! Im too sleepy I feel like dying *her phone rings* Whats that sound? oh.. there’s a message. Ah im sleepy


[DARA] But… We’re here to communicate with each other, right?! Equivalent of 2NE1 group room ㅋㅋ Chaerinnie gave me our schedule to share quickly ㅎㅎ So this is our schedule for the week ^_^

Thursday: M!Countdown

Friday: Shanghai Performance

Saturday: Music Core

Sunday: Inkigayo

That’s everything stated above~

[BOM] We’re really happy~~*^^* Are you guys happy????


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