Video: 130717 2NE1 on SBS Hanbam

Read Some Translations After the cut! ^^:

Dara: I have a lot of ideas for promoting, but I want to keep them a secret so that others don’t use them.
CL: Nobody will use your ideas

Question: What kind of things are you doing as Ssang-Park?
Dara: We are promoting 2NE1 as well as other YG artists.

CL: Ah I think I’m gonna cry because our unnies (Double Park) really work hard for all of us.
Bom: We are sacrificing for 2NE1!

CL: I think my tears are about to fall because the unnies work hard for us
Bom: Thats right! Thats right! I’m giving all of me for 2NE1!

Question: What do you do to promote?
Dara: Not long ago, CL was promoting TBF and since I like taking pictures, I take photos of CL then upload.

Question: Do you like what (Ssang Park) is doing?
CL: We don’t really know how’ it’s going because they’re doing it as tactic.
Dara: Yes, its a surprise

Credit: Ohdara

Translations by: @kristinekwak + @2ne1bbmania +@ilove2ne1girls


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