Audio: Ssang Park’s Line Audio: “We escaped secretly from our choreography practice just now (recess time)!”

Dara: Start! We escaped secretly from our choreography practice just now (recess time)!
Bom: I felt so thirsty and I’m feeling really refreshed now after drinking some water.
Dara: I’m eating waffle now because I think I lack sugar.
Bom: !@#$^%&#???? (I think Bom said ‘are you a grandma’ but not clear)
Dara: Haha my sugar level goes down because the dance is “Woah! Woah! Woah” hahaha okay the preview is only until here! It’s so different from Falling in Love! The preview is until here!
Bom: Okay let’s start our talk time.
Dara: As we were practicing our dance, I remembered a situation that happened long time ago so I hid here and wanted to share the story to all of you. Okay so about 3 years ago we were practicing <Try to Follow Me> dance and obviously, Papa YG came in to test and advice us. THE SCARIEST TIME: “Do it one by one!”
Bom: Ouuwwhh//////// O.O
Dara: So the members danced one by one and Papa YG would be saying,”Chaerin pass! Minzy pass!”
Bom: Bom pass!!! Hahahaha!!!
Dara: Hahaha and my turn came. By the way I’m Dara. It was my turn!! /laughs~~/ and I was dancing hard under the song <Try to Follow Me> ~~ /laughs~~/ then suddenly Papa YG looks at me!!!
Bom: Hahahahaha!!
Dara: He was wondering and said to me like this: “Hmm… Dara..”
Bom: @^##^^@&*$*!#@*&^%$#@!!
Dara: Ah CL is good at following Papa YG’s voice..
Dara: /continued/ “Dara-ya.. Your breasts are small.. but try to push it!!”
Bom: He said push it~~!!
Dara: And he was so frustrated and said,”People dance well when they have good bodies!!”
Bom: I think Dara is telling this story once a week for 3 years! /laughs!!/
Dara: You know that..
Bom: @#&^$*&^@#*%*#(@!!!
Dara: #($(*(%#(*((!!!
Bom: No~*$(#*#&%*7@$(><#/&5*@(#(@@
Dara: No No No!!!! $($@(@($)!@(#*&TREW!@#$%^&!!
Bom: Bye Bye~~!!!

At the end Bom said “If you take a closer look, her breasts are not ‘that’ small. I checked it! Should I check it now everyone?” And Dara was like “nononono turn it off!””

Credit: SGBJCrew via Welovebom

Source: Line v

Translated by: 2ne1bbmania + WLD


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