Twitter: Dara – “So…DoublePark will be tomorrow!”



요몇일 계속 하루에 두시간씩 자면서 피곤한 상태에서 어제 DYLM 파티도 열정적으로 하느라 졸려요ㅠ.ㅠㅋ내차를 타고 내가 직접 운전을 해야하는데 졸음운전은 굉장히 위험하잖아요!!!그래서..쌍박은 내일뜹니다!

After only getting two hours of sleep for the last few days I was intense at the DYLM party too so I’m sleepyㅠ.ㅠㅋI would drive my own car but driving while sleepy is dangerous!!! So…DoublePark will be tomorrow!

Source: Dara’s Twitter 

Translated by @saraseoul

A/N: Dara says “DoublePark’s special bonus!!! An opportunity to hear 2NE1′s new single ‪#‎DoYouLoveMe‬ 3 days before release!!! We’re preparing for “DoublePark Car Pool”, during which I’ll pick up some lucky citizens from a few places tomorrow night starting from about 7:00 to let them listen to the new single and talk ^_^v”



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