We’ve like to inform you that we won’t be updating our wordpress blog starting today. We, admins, are very busy with our lives and we can hardly find any time to update our blog.  However, We’d still continue giving news of Bom and 2NE1 to you through our twitter account.

We couldn’t thank you enough for those wonderful comments, supports and messages that you had given to us! We had fun and grateful, so much grateful to bring you news and inform you about Bom’s daily life and what’s happening in her life! We would also like to thank Welovebom who had been so kind since we started this fanbase! Also to WeloveDara, OhDara, YGLadies, theBOM, and all the K-Blackjacks that has been our source for 2NE1’s news!

We didn’t expect this fanbase to be as successful as this! Because of this, I’ve met a lot of people and become friends with blackjacks around the world! Thank you so much and we’re so happy to have had brought you news about Bom and 2NE1!

OhBom Administrations


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