[NEWS] Yang Hyun-suk “2NE1 new song, weirdly makes you shed tears”

Yang Hyun-suk “2NE1 new song, weirdly makes you shed tears”

[OSEN=Lee Hye-rin] YG Entertainment CEO Yang Hyun-suk introduced 2NE1’s new song ‘Missing You’ which will be released on 21 as “marvelous song which will make tears running down.”

On 19th afternoon, he said to OSEN about ‘Missing You’ for the first time. “This song is weird. The refined arrangement of the song is outstanding like a pop song and has peculiar charm. This song unintentionally makes you cry.”

According to Yang Hyun-suk, the song not only made 2NE1 cry but also Lee Eun-joo cried after listening to the song. He added, “It was hard to make progress when recording due to the members crying. It was so weird. So I made my wife listen and she also cried right away. I was so surprised. I am curious of how the public will respond.”

The song was composed by YG’s main producer Teddy. In the previously unveiled teaser, ‘I hate him, who left me’ lyrics and tantalizing melody garnered attention.

Dara Park introduced their new song ‘Missing You’ as following, “I needed a box of tissues while I was recording this song because of my tears.” and Park Bom added, “This song will be delivering our feelings by touching your soul.”

The sound source will be released on Nov.21 at midnight.

Source: Naver/ Osen


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