[OSEN=이혜린 기자] 2NE1’s new single “MISSING YOU” is creating sensation, sweeping No.1 places in the charts of Korean music web-sites.

2NE1’s “MISSING YOU” has been in the top places in all of the nine music-streaming sites in Korea: Melon, Mnet, Bugs, Olleh, Cyworld, Daum, Naver, Genie, and Monkey, upon being released at midnight on the 20 this month. Notably, it has shown a strong momentum by “piecing the roof” upon being released, which means, setting the new highest record in Melon’s chart tracking the volume of use of music for 24 hours.

“MISSING YOU”, the third song that 2NE1 released this year following “FALLING IN LOVE” and “DO YOU LOVE ME”, is a winter song with full emotions that highlight balanced harmony between the four members. The ballad song catches ears with its full sound created without use of drum beat or bass, where a synth sound based on low bass and rock-ballad piano are at the center of the sound. 2NE1 adds up to the song’s sorrowful atmosphere by their soulful and appealing vocal, and especially, the repeated phrase “missing you” in high pitch in the climax of the song leaves a strong resound.

The music video that was released with the song is also drawing much attention. The music video of “MISSING YOU” gives off a calm and dreamy feel, with mystical and beautiful visual. It begins with an image of 2NE1 in falling snow and expresses the sorrow of breakup and feeling of missing somebody, in a tender soul

In addition, the four members are expressing the feel of the song, by facial expression acting of loneliness. Notably, CL, who has come under spotlight as she is known to present revealing performance, is catching eyes by giving off a new charm which is quite different from her past charismatic style. CL is showing her back in tattoo, in a bathtub surrounded with thick vapor. In the next scene, she acts undressed, sitting crouched with her black hair falling down.

CL’s nude performance creates a synergy in the part where phrase “missing you” are densely repeated, to drive the internal sorrow to the climax.

YG Entertainment says, “CL, a woman of full confidence, has tried a bold nude performance in the music video of 2NE1’s new singe. CL’s nude scene gives rather a mystical feel like art photography than sex appeal, which expresses external beauty and internal sorrow of a woman mingled together.”

Toward the new single “MISSING YOU” and its music video, fans are saying, “They’ve live up to my expectations”, “It’s the right song to listen to in the winter”, “I’m impressed by the soulful voice”, and so on.

Meanwhile, 2NE1 kicks off their performances for new song “MISSING YOU”, and will meet their fans around the world from next March, in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, and Japan.

Plus, 2NE1 is staging the first performance of “MISSING YOU” at “Mnet Asian Music Awards”(MAMA), on the 22(Fri.).

Source: YGLIFE


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