[OSEN=Han Hye-rim] Group 2NE1 Park Bom revealed their new song ‘Missing You‘ practicing scene, On 19th afternoon, Park Bom Tweeted “We are training hard for ‘Missing You’ but Dara is making me laugh.” with a picture attached. In the picture, Park Bom is pointing at her tears falling. Next to her, Dara Park is playfully acting as if she is wiping her […]

[NEWS] Bom Looks Like a Doll in 2NE1′s Final “Missing You” Member Teaser

2NE1′s final member teaser is here with the release of Bom‘s! YG Entertainment released the “Missing You” teaser through 2NE1′s official Youtube channel, following Minzy’s, CL’s, andDara’s. The teaser is a still image video clip showing only Bom and previewing only her part. Fans will be able to see Bom’s doll-like beauty as well as get a delightful taste of her powerful […]

[NEWS] Yang Hyun-suk “2NE1 new song, weirdly makes you shed tears”

Yang Hyun-suk “2NE1 new song, weirdly makes you shed tears” [OSEN=Lee Hye-rin] YG Entertainment CEO Yang Hyun-suk introduced 2NE1’s new song ‘Missing You’ which will be released on 21 as “marvelous song which will make tears running down.” On 19th afternoon, he said to OSEN about ‘Missing You’ for the first time. “This song is […]

Article: YG Life – 2NE1, Despite the Music Video Setback Will Release the New Song on 7th August as Planned

Despite the setback in their music video production, girl group 2NE1 plans to keep their promise with fans by releasing the sound clip of the new song DO YOU LOVE ME on 7th of August. On YG’s official blog, CEO Yang Hyun-suk posted that “2NE1 has already successfully completed the choreography of the song with […]