Interview: 2NE1 Ranked #1 On Music Charts “Grateful for the Fans and Motivated by Positive Pressure”

2NE1, knocking out all music charts with their new song ‘FALLING IN LOVE’, expressed their gratitude for the fans. In the interview conducted at a café in Seogyodong, Mapogu, Seoul, 2NE1 told us about their thoughts on the comeback of ‘FALLING IN LOVE’. 2NE1’s comeback marked another moment of success for the group as they […]

News: PSY Mentions 2NE1 on his Speech in Harvard University – “The audience cheers aloud!”

The American students of Harvard University who went to hear the speech of famous singer Psy cheered out loud as the singer mentions about girl group 2NE1who is under the same agency as him. On the 9th of May, PSY opened his speech at Harvard University Memorial Church with a brief explanation on how his hit song “Gangnam Style” was uploaded on […]

INTERVIEW: Hwangssabu Talks about Park Bom on his Interview with “Cuvism” Magazine

Q: On 2NE1TV, I remember there’s a scene where you banned Park Bom from eating corn. Hwangssabu: There seems to be a bit misinformation on the broadcasts. I didn’t ban her from eating corn for a long period of time since debut. Once Bom gets to be attached to a certain food, she’ll eat only […]

Interviews: CL,Dara and Minzy Mentions Bom in their Interviews

“It was really awkward. When it was time to practice and I’d eat alone, those three always came to me first. So we became close really fast. Now, I think it’s the three members who comfort and protect me.” Small misunderstandings though, would of course, arise. Recently, we learned that at first, Sandara Park thought that fellow […]