We’ve like to inform you that we won’t be updating our wordpress blog starting today. We, admins, are very busy with our lives and we can hardly find any time to update our blog.  However, We’d still continue giving news of Bom and 2NE1 to you through our twitter account. We couldn’t thank you enough […]


Blackjack be heard! No more texting, just go online to and you can vote anywhere in the world, FOR FREE! Just follow 4 simple steps: 1. Register on 2. Log in to using your registered email and password. 3. Go to POLLS on MYXph’s home page and you’re ready to vote! 4. […]

About Us!

About Us! This site is a fanbase purely dedicated for Park Bom, a potential member for YG Girl Group, 2nE1. We bring you updates including translated news, subbed videos, pics, and so much more about Spring Lady, Park Bom.  We stated on October 31,2011 with only 50 followers and still counting. All of our staffs here worked hard […]

[TWITTER] Thank you for participating and helping us trend #BOMRATATATA!

(Cr. helloimck) Thank you guys for helping us Trend #BOMRATATATA! “Happy Birthday Bommie” and “Park Bom” also trend! Hope she can see our love through this event! They all stayed on the list for an hour and a half. #BOMRATATATA was the first to drop.  the highest ranks our trends reached were No. 2 for #BOMRATATATA and No.1 for Happy Birthday Bommie! BONUS!  […]

[HIRING] Join the BOMislove Team!

‎[HIRING] Love Bom? Then Why don’t you Join BOMislove Team and Help me out.You can Be our:-Translator! *Chinese-Korean Translator *Korean- English Translator *Japanese-Korean Translator *Korean-English-The one Who will Post in Our Blog! (Always Credit Them) -Our Graphic Designer (You’re the one who’ll make an Header and Background. There Must be BOMislove somewhere in your Design) […]