Twitter: Ssang Park Poses with Lee Junghyun

드디어!!! 이정현선배님과 사진찍었어요!!! ^.^v 설마했던 니가 나를 떠나버렸어어~~~ 오오오오! 오오오오!!! >.< Finally!!! Took a picture with Lee Jung Hyun sunbae!!! ^.^v You whom i never thought will leave, already left me~~~ oh oh oh oh! oh oh oh oh!!! >.< (lyrics of a song) Source: Dara’s Twitter Translated by: ilove2ne1girls

Twitter: Dara – ”SsangPark is now filming at dorm. ”

지금은 쌍박 숙소촬영중. 오늘의 마지막 장소입니다. 열악한 환경이네요 ㅋㅋ 하지만 열심히~~~ SsangPark is now filming at dorm. Its the last place for today. Poor environment kk but we’ll work hard. There’s nothing to be used for lighting so we use the stand light while doing it ~~~ 취침방송 Sleeping broadcast Credit: Dara’s twitter Trans by: ilove2NE1gils

Photos: Bom – ”KSY today was so fun~*^^* Look forward to SsangParkTV”

오늘 쌍박 콜택시의(다라차=쌍박콜택시) 첫번째 손님은??!!!!!강승윤님입니다..인기가요로 응원하러갔다가 밥먹으러다녀왔어요^____^정말 멋있는 쿨가이~강승윤 오늘잼있었습니다~*^^* 쌍박TV 많이 기대해주세욤 1st one to ride SsangPark call taxi(Dara’s car=call taxi) is KSY.We went to support him on Inkigayo and eat ^___^He’s really a cool guy~KSY today was so fun~*^^* Look forward to SsangParkTV Credit: Bom’s twitter trans: ilove2NE1girls

Twitter: Dara – “SsangPark call taxi!!!”

 쌍박 콜택시!!! 첫번째 손님을 태우러 ~ sbs 인기가요 도착!!! 내리실분 없나요~?! 안계시면 오라이~~~ ^.^  SsangPark call taxi!!! We arrived on SBS inkigayo ~ to pick up the first one to take a ride!!! Is there no one who wants to get off~?! If there’s none, then alright~~~ ^.^ Source: Dara’s Twitter Trans by: Ilove2ne1girls